Due Diligence Consulting

Through a range of consulting and implementation services, we partner with our clients to help them define, develop and deploy strategic solutions.  We are committed to assisting clients rapidly develop technical solutions that meet today's demands and position them for future growth.  We accomplish this through a combination of consulting and product development.

Semaphore has an unparalleled understanding of legacy and emerging technologies.  We are specialists in the principles and practices of object-orientation, distributed objects, component-based and web-based engineering: the cornerstones of robust and maintainable solutions.  

Pre-investment – Investment Risk Mitigation

  • Assess products and systems with a combined business and technology perspective
  • Company infrastructure needs assessment…IT systems, staff, development processes
  • Assessments of technology, company skill sets and targeted markets (size, needs, definitions)
  • Consideration of  people, processes, technology, operations and markets
  • Introspective competitive analysis
  • Fair Market Valuation

Post-investment support - Attainment of Goals

  • Product support
  • Line and tech management augmentation
  • Product development, planning, release and support consulting
  • Strategic product marketing, sales positioning and execution
  • Interim executive management
  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Fair Market Valuation

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Fax: 978.794.3427
E-mail: info@sema4usa.com