Product, System Development and Integration Advisory

Semaphore provides visibility and clarity to the decision-making and implementation process over the complete life cycle of a development project.  Semaphore assures during the planning/formative stage, actual implementation/integration and post implementation/integration by use of independent validation that project goals have been met.

Projects are frequently over budget, behind schedule, lack functional specification or abandoned.  Among the principal reasons for this expensive failure of opportunity are:

  • mismatch between market and technology
  • failure to deliver technology in appropriate time as required specification
  • inability of operating management to create and direct technology development

The services are utilized at any point across a project from pre-investment planning to post-investment integration.  Many Semaphore clients require periodic independent review of projects to determine whether value has been obtained and to assess if additional capital is warranted. Sample activities include:

  • Budget Review
  • Project Review
  • Code Audit
  • Requirements Audit
  • Analysis and Design Audit
  • Architecture Audit
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Advocate Oversight

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