Business Operation/Strategy Services (BOSS)

Semaphore has assembled its team of senior executives to provide strategic and operational advisory services to portfolio companies and owner-lead businesses.  The practice focus is on underperforming companies.  The target companies have launched but fallen into the “Zone of Irrelevance” (ZOI).   Companies fall into the ZOI for a variety of reasons – poor work flow, finance, sales, distribution, or product creation - or a combination of various issues.  The key to success is to connect the dots between critical causes and untangle the solution.

The goal is to identify critical issues that have caused the company to plateau, collaboratively discover workable solutions and assist or lead implementation.  Solving the roadblock issues allows companies to reposition themselves for profitable growth.

Industry focus: Software, TeleCom and Healthcare.

Geographic focus: North America

Functional areas of focus:  Operational efficiencies, strategy, work flow, sales, technology utilization, distribution, and product development.