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Thankful to be Working in a Functional Organization

Posted by Louise Martineau on Mon, Nov 30, 2009 @ 01:15 PM

In a time when people are stressed about their jobs and doing what they have to in order to survive, it is a comfort to be working with a select group of individuals who can stay calm under pressure and work as a team to get the job done in a professional manner. My responsibility for leading our back office, operations, and contract teams demands it.

Situations arise from some of our Limited Partners where they are looking for specific information and backup on situations that have happened in the past - sometimes the very distant past.  I am confident when I rally the troops together to discuss the situation, that between all of us, we will be able to give them the answers they need.  Recently, a newer employee from one of our LPs called asking for backup on a situation from 5 years ago regarding the removal of another LP about a fund we took over from a General Partner who needed to be replaced for fraud.  Let's just say the files and records we got were not in the best of order nor were we certain anything documented was necessarily true.  Between all of us, we were able to pull the needed documentation together, verify it and answer the LPs questions with confidence.  This allowed them to close the then outstanding issue and move on to other more pressing needs.  The LP referred to this issue as "archeological" for them and was very happy to be able to tick if off their "to do" list.

When a customer is in need of assistance, a company needs to work together to make sure the necessary agreements, final documents and a commitment to "customer service" are all in place to ensure a smooth future relationship.  Follow-up and willingness to take clients through each step until they are completely satisfied are what makes a successful services company and inspires confidence in our clients to work with us again. You see- establishing good processes and good attitudes is a selfish endeavor and in the end, makes both client and colleague happy.    

I'm the youngest of six sisters and my mother taught us that if you support each other and don't point fingers, it will show in your work.   No one is perfect. You will have dysfunctional moments but working as a team is the best way to show your customers you are competent. Not a bad lesson.  Thanks Mom!  

Louise Martineau is Director of Operations of Sema4 Inc., dba Semaphore (, a leading global professional services provider of Private Equity funds-under-management and technology diligence services. Semaphore currently holds fiduciary obligations as General Partner for six Private Equity and Venture Capital funds and advises General and Limited Partners as well as Corporations around the world. Semaphore's corporate offices are in Boston with principal offices in New York and London.   You can write to Louise on

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