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Hogs-Head of Marketing had by all

Posted by Cris Miller on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 @ 9:30AM 

Marketing Due Diligence

Last Thursday there was a Happening…Monsters of Pork… at Petit Robert as part of a spectacular program of market oriented seminars and symposia under the brand Future M.  The pork party was a real experience.  I had been to the location before for quite an elegant lunch.  The restaurant has changed hands, not quite as fancy, more bistro than formal dining.  There were 100s of people and to this grizzled veteran they all appeared under 15…well maybe under 30.  Most of the folks I talked to did not know why they were there, other than to be part of a happening.  And it was that. Every half an hour, in a separate room, they packed patrons in and dissected a pig.  Knives and cleavers flew while hog-heads fell, ribs retrieved and internal organs separated.  A bit of food was passed and quickly disappeared, although generous vodka drinks were served, so no one seemed to mind.  I missed the pulled pork as it did not show up in the hour and a half I was there.  A great time was had by all.   The Miller rating for a Boston “happening scene” - 90.  The Miller rating for leads/new business – 0 (but you never know).  Who knows, maybe I’ll kill a wild bore someday and will have learned plenty.  For sure, there was nothing boring about this event.  Thanks BzzAgent.

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